Short, Medium and Long Term Our Targets

Öznur Otomotiv Ltd. Şti. Öznur Otomotiv Ltd. Sti. Our mission is to contribute to the company's spare parts market, to add value to the distribution chain, to protect our market leader position and to maintain the leading positions of our business partners in our business, shaping our short, medium and long term our targets.

To support the sales and marketing activities of our business partners and to protect their interests
Gaining innovative ideas and e-commerce site and new customer channels for E-Commerce which is an important part of world trade.
We have our priorities to offer quality alternative parts (Worhty - K & B) and pricing along with competitive advantage in the market.


  Since the first day we started, we have invested a lot in computer technology and software. With this software, we will make our logistics, warehousing, and shipping business more regular and error-free.
· Inventory optimization will also create versatile productivity. We also have a serious work in our B2B software.
· Recently produced automobiles are being equipped with more and more computer technology every day. It is no longer a dream for today to pass through self-parked cars with auto-pilot cars very soon. Therefore, many products we sell or try to sell will lose their value and a brand new product range will be created in these innovations. We will lose the value of many products we sell or try to sell in the light of these developments and a whole new product range will be created. We follow these developments closely and carefully examine all the details of the sector without break out of the world trade.